How to play Star Wars: Unlimited online?

While Star Wars: Unlimited is primarily a card game that you'll play physically, there might be times where you would want to play it against friends online. In this guide, I'll go over how you can play the game online with other players.

Patrick - 9/11/2023

Star Wars: Unlimited is a game that you might want to play online with friends. Playing online has a few benefits like being able to choose from all the cards, instead of only the cards that you own. Playing online is also easier if you aren't able to find people around you to play with.

Currently there are two ways to play online. One is a solo experience while the other lets you play against multiple players. Let's start with the solo experience.


Felt Table

Felt Table is a website where you can play the game against an AI online. Simply go to the website, start a quick match and choose a deck to play with. The game is totally automated, so you can just play your cards and their effects will automatically trigger.

This website is an awesome experience to try out Star Wars: Unlimited. If you aren't sure if you will like the game, you can easily play a few rounds on this website to see if you want to invest in the game or not.

The main downside is that you aren't able to play against other people, but maybe that will be an additional gamemode in the future.


Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator has been an go-to resource to play board and card games online. While it doesn't offer the same automation as Felt Table, it does offer a lot of flexibility. People are able to make their own mods or additions to existing mods. If for whatever reason, someone would stop with their versions, there probably will be someone else to pick the project up.

Tabletop Simulator does cost some money, but you'll most likely be able to find the game a lot cheaper on key websites or while on sale. There are currently two mods that are up to date with the latest cards and that are updated frequently:

A very nice addition to these mods is the deck importer. If you create a deck on this website, you are able to export them to TTS.



Simply press the "Export to TTS" button and follow the instructions in the popup. You can then easily put your deck in TTS and use it.


While it seems like you are limited to only two ways of playing online, these are most likely good enough to play with. As the release date of Star Wars: Unlimited comes closer, we might see some more community solutions to play online. If that is the case, I'll make sure to add them to the list here.

Thank you all for reading and happy playing!

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