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Leader (1)
1 x Boba Fett, Collecting the bounty
Base (1)
1 x Kestro City
Ground units (28)
3 x Greedo, Slow on the Draw
3 x Jawa Scavenger
1 x Cantina Braggart
3 x Crafty Smuggler
3 x Underworld Thug
3 x Boba Fett, Disintegrator
3 x Gamorrean Guards
3 x Syndicate Lackeys
3 x Bossk, Deadly Stalker
3 x Bounty Hunter Crew
Space units (16)
1 x TIE/ln Fighter
3 x Cartel Spacer
3 x Pirated Starfighter
1 x Disabling Fang Fighter
1 x Imperial Interceptor
3 x Correlian Freighter
3 x Fett's Firespray, Pursuing the Bounty
1 x Ruthless Raider
Events (14)
1 x Restock
1 x Confiscate
1 x Precision Fire
1 x Asteroid Sanctuary
1 x Keep Fighting
1 x Outmaneuver
1 x Waylay
1 x Rallying Cry
1 x Open Fire
3 x Cunning
1 x Aggression
1 x Bombing Run
Upgrades (6)
3 x Smuggling Compartment
3 x Snapshot Reflexes


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