Created by Eibol on 4/1/2024

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Leader (1)
1 x Luke Skywalker, Faithful Friend
Base (1)
1 x Echo Base
Ground units (25)
3 x Alliance Dispatcher
1 x Bail Organa, Rebel Councilor
2 x Guardian of the Whills
2 x Battlefield Marine
3 x Yoda, Old Master
3 x Echo Base Defender
1 x Fleet Lieutenant
3 x Kanan Jarrus, Revealed Jedi
1 x General Dodonna, Massassi Group Commander
3 x Obi-Wan Kenobi
3 x Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Space units (9)
3 x Restored ARC-170
2 x Wing Leader
3 x Bright Hope, The Last Transport
1 x Home One, Alliance Flagship
Events (10)
3 x It Binds All Things
3 x The Force Is With Me
2 x Takedown
2 x Vanquish
Upgrades (6)
3 x Luke's Lightsaber
3 x Jedi Lightsaber



12 days ago

Go for more Fleet Lieutenant - Dodonna while you get the 3 copy of Luke.

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