Thrawn Starter


Created by Noshadowkick on 4/2/2024

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Leader (1)
1 x Grand Admiral Thrawn, Patient and Insightful
Base (1)
1 x Command Center
Ground units (25)
2 x ISB Agent
3 x Seasoned Shoretrooper
2 x Admiral Piett, Captain of the Executor
1 x Colonel Yularen, ISB Director
3 x Viper Probe Droid
3 x Superlaser Technician
3 x Cell Block Guard
2 x Homestead Militia
1 x Grand Moff Tarkin
1 x Rukh, Thrawn's Assassin
1 x Agent Kallus, Seeking the Rebels
1 x Bounty Hunter Crew
1 x AT-ST
1 x Blizzard Assault AT-AT
Space units (10)
2 x TIE/ln Fighter
3 x Seventh Fleet Defender
1 x TIE Advanced
2 x Gladiator Star Destroyer
1 x Chimaera, Flagship of the Seventh Fleet
1 x Relentless
Events (14)
1 x Disarm
1 x Shoot First
2 x No Good to Me Dead
2 x Surprise Strike
1 x Resupply
3 x Waylay
1 x Outmaneuver
1 x Maximum Firepower
1 x Overwhelming Barrage
1 x I Had No Choice
Upgrades (1)
1 x Academy Training



11 days ago

Starter deck for Thrawn, built to be compatible with 2 player starter decks

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