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Created by Anonymous on 4/3/2024

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Leader (1)
1 x Grand Admiral Thrawn, Patient and Insightful
Base (1)
1 x Capital City
Ground units (18)
3 x Boba Fett, Disintegrator
3 x Death Trooper
3 x Rukh, Thrawn's Assassin
3 x Darth Vader, Commanding the First Legion
3 x Count Dooku, Darth Tyrannus
3 x Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Space units (15)
3 x Devastator, Inescapable
3 x Inferno Four, Unforgetting
3 x Fett's Firespray, Pursuing the Bounty
3 x Avenger, Hunting Star Destroyer
3 x Relentless
Events (18)
3 x It Binds All Things
3 x Power of the Dark Side
1 x Outmaneuver
3 x I am your Father
1 x Vigilance
1 x Cunning
3 x Takedown
3 x Superlaser Blast


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