Dank farrik


Created by Anonymous on 11/20/2023

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1 x Sabine Wren, Galvanized Revolutionary
1 x Dagobah Swamp
Ground units
3 x R2-D2
2 x Sabine Wren
3 x Cloud City Wing Guard
2 x Yoda
3 x Fleet Lieutenant
2 x Kanan Jarrus, Revealed Jedi
2 x General Dodonna, Massassi Group Commander
2 x Obi-Wan Kenobi
Space units
3 x Distant Patroller
3 x Restored ARC-170
3 x Green Squadron A-Wing
3 x Star Wing Scout
3 x Wing Leader
3 x System Patrol Craft
3 x It Binds All Things
3 x Mission Briefing
3 x You're my only hope
3 x Takedown
3 x Vanquish
3 x Infiltrator's Skill

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1. Import as TTS object.

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2. Import within SWU mod.

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