I’m a big deal in the resistance


Created by Anonymous on 2/16/2024

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Leader (1)
1 x Cassian Andor, Dedicated to the Rebellion
Base (1)
1 x Kestro City
Ground units (30)
3 x Bail Organa, Rebel Councilor
3 x Guardian of the Whills
3 x Underworld Thug
3 x Bib Fortuna, Jabba's Majordomo
3 x Swoop Racer
3 x Saw Gerrera, Extremist
3 x Frontier AT-RT
3 x General Krell, Heartless Tactician
3 x Gideon Hask, Ruthless Loyalist
3 x Guerilla Attack Pod
Space units (9)
3 x Strafing Gunship
3 x Correlian Freighter
3 x The Ghost, Spectre Home Base
Events (36)
3 x Rebel Assault
3 x Disarm
3 x Restock
3 x Force Lightning
3 x The Emperor's Legion
3 x Sneak Attack
3 x Smoke and Cinders
3 x Bombing Run
3 x Forced Surrender
3 x I Had No Choice
3 x U-Wing Reinforcement
3 x Superlaser Blast
Upgrades (3)
3 x Electrostaff



February 16

This is not a deck, just threw it together as these are the cards i needed to print proxies for

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