Leia Naya


Created by Shivan4RR on 2/23/2024

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Leader (1)
1 x Leia Organa, Alliance General
Base (1)
1 x Kestro City
Ground units (29)
3 x R2-D2
3 x Battlefield Marine
3 x Sabine Wren, Explosives Artist
3 x C-3PO
3 x Mon Mothma, Voice of the Rebellion
3 x Admiral Akbar, Brilliant Strategist
3 x Echo Base Defender
3 x Fighters For Freedom
3 x K-2SO
2 x Mace Windu, Party Crasher
Space units (11)
3 x Red Three, Unstoppable
3 x Star Wing Scout
3 x Bright Hope, The Last Transport
2 x Black One, Scourge of Starkiller Base
Events (9)
3 x Karabast
3 x Open Fire
3 x You're my only hope
Upgrades (1)
1 x Traitorous



February 23

Partisan Leiutenant is Benthic "Two Tubes". Website is bugged.


February 28

@Shivan4RR fixed it for you. Now shows correctly!


February 29

thanks mate!

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